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Capital Knowledge provides expert testimony and financial advisory services to public and private companies. Our principals each have 25 years of experience of valuing music, media (film, TV, sports teams, etc.), advertising and other consumer-related businesses. Click here for management profiles.

Read Laura Martin's report "The Future of TV: Mobile, Live, Immersive, Social" (Sep 2016).
Laura Martin suggests that Pokemon Go may add $3B to Apple's revenue (report | video).
Laura Martin discusses the EU and Brexit influences on Netflix (Jul 2016).
Laura Martin tells Bloomberg that Apple rates a strong buy--watch the video.
Laura Martin speaks about Why Apple is Still a Strong Buy (Apr 2016) or watch the video.
Read Laura Martin's report on Apple Stock valuation (Apr 2016).
Read Laura Martin's report, The Future of TV: Follow the Money (Dec 2015).
Read Laura Martin's report on Women's Spending Power (Jul 2015) and the Economics of Measurement (Jun 2015).
Read Laura Martin's July 2014 report on The Future of Video.
Laura Martin discusses a content deal between Yahoo and NBC Sports. (Video)
Laura Martin releases a report on Facebook IPO.
Laura Martin discusses 1Q earnings for Yahoo!, and other related issues. (Video)
Laura Martin discusses market losses for Pandora, an internet radio platform. (Video)
Laura Martin says that Alibaba is "Real Risk" for Yahoo. (Video)
Laura Martin dicusses changes to Yahoo Board and Roy Bostock on Bloomberg. (Video)
Laura Martin is featured in THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER discussing how TV Everywhere could create $12B annually for TV industry.
NEWSWEEK MAGAZINE cites Laura Martin discussing the rapidly rising cost of sports and ESPN.
THE ATLANTIC cites Laura Martin in dicussing how ESPN elevates the cost of cable television.
Laura Martin is featured in DEADLINE NEW YORK discussing that TV Everywhere Will Add $12B A Year To Infotainment Ecosystem.


Laura Martin discusses Netflix, the EU, and Brexit....


Capital Knowledge llc provides litigation support and expert testimony on Wall Street research issues, securities analysis, investment banking, and assists attorneys in litigation with financial due diligence, business valuations and M&A valuation analyses. Specialties include entertainment & media industry issues. Recent engagements include the valuation of a film library & film franchises. Click here for more....

Our consulting and financial advisory services include valuations, independent board advice, fairness opinions and other services to public and private companies in all industries. We specialize in music media (film, TV, sports teams, etc) and consumer driven businesses. Click here for sample engagements.

Capital Knowledge has access to equity research reports analyzing the investment merits of the largest entertainment, cable, and media companies in the world through Needham & Company, including research reports about important themes impacting valuations of companies across the Entertainment, Cable, and Media space. Click here for research reports.

Sprint Panel Discussion

Laura Martin participates in a Sprint™ panel discussion on mobile communication in the twenty-first century.